Blue Is The New Green

Blue is the new Green is a part of QUALITY DENIM philosophy and
unique trademark that sets it apart from the global and local industry
leaders. More than policy – it’s a step towards the future promises
improvement and innovation with a thought to consumers, the world and
it’s resource.It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement, the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.

Quality denim pioneers the “blue is the New green” through broad research, where at each degree of the denim making process, we think about the immediate and backhanded impact on nature our exercises may prompt. Going above and beyond than utilizing natural cotton, reused cotton and ecologically amicable textures, for example, Tinsel, our substance treatment strategies are really a leap forward in articles of clothing producing.

An exceptional level of water is lost through denim fabricating at conventional denim textures plants and manufacturing plants that still depend on obsolete hardware and techniques to support their items. At Quality denim we diminish the level of water misfortune by 60-80%.

Blue is an irregularity. In nature, it is sees as a shading that is only from time to time naturally shaped while its partner of wealth is Green. The shading is the very wellspring of life and congruity with nature. While people practice industrialism, the Blue has saturated their needs and day by day exercises regularly turning into the prime shading speaking to organizations and innovation. We’ve chosen to grasp an intense way of thinking to change how individuals see and use “Blue” into the new “green”..

QDFL is working ordinarily with their representatives, laborers and partners at various levels over the world to turn into a case of how a denim producer in Bangladesh is taking on a worldwide test of being greener, progressively economical and vitality effective to give the highest caliber of denim yet administration the world.Since its origin, Quality denim textures constrained has been profoundly cognizant about manageability for its business. SDL carefully conforms to condition – related laws and guidelines in every single part of its green business activities. Our endeavors plan to accomplish concordance in conservation and contamination control through corporate and social exercises.

Our sustainability begins at the source:

BCI Cotton

Recycled Cotton

Organic Cotton

Recycled Poly



Our process put the environment first:

Water usage reduction

Chemical reduction anywhere in the world

Recycled Plastic in Denim

Consistently a large number of huge amounts of plastic water enters the seas, hurting the marine life and sensitive parity of water. Customary denim assembling procedures utilize a lot of water underway and have additionally included water contamination. SHASHA Denims Ltd. The leap forward innovation utilized by us enables sea plastic to be separated and blended in with textures to make a completed denim item. This imaginative reusing technique not just sets the best quality of dependable assembling yet uses an undiscovered asset for more prominent’s benefit

Handloom Recycle

Denim remains from generation are rescued and changed into a selective items with the assistance of neighborhood networks. As a piece of our CSR endeavors which has turned into a feasible venture for a genuinely extraordinary item, The handloom denim story begins we our typical generation closes. Denim scraps are taken and deteriorated again into filaments and after that made into attire for a scope of global markets. The crafted works and craftsmans of neighborhood networks utilize their inventiveness and a bit of their character to make something supportable and ingenious to impart to the world.

Wash Friendly Denim

Our denim is exceptionally created to withstand and devour less unforgiving and hurtful synthetic substances during the washing procedure. During the mid wash process, the serious coloring and blanching times are decreased definitely without trading off quality or shading. Less vitality, synthetic substances and water are expended in our inventive procedure which goes far to support the business and condition commonly advantage from more secure assembling rehearses